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American Accent &
Public Speaking Coach

Voice Over Artist


For the last decade, I have been working with actors and non-actors in the Netherlands and across Europe to improve their American English and give them tools to speak confidently in public. 

I hold an M.A. in Theatre Directing from St. Mary's College in London and a B.A. in Theater and Music from Baldwin-Wallace University in Cleveland, OH. In 2011, I co-started Orange Tea Theatre Company (curently Orange Theatre Company) in Amsterdam and began my coaching studio shortly afterwards.

My background in theatre directing and music has enabled me to create a unique system of coaching to help my clients build confidence in their ability to perform and present in English. 

Individual Sessions for Actors

We will work together to get a basic understanding of the major vowel and consonant sounds in the American standard dialect.   These will be applied to scripts and texts with the added bonuses of script analysis and direction. 

Individual Sessions for Professionals

Depending on your desires, we can work together to get a basic understanding of the major vowel and consonant sounds in American English and neutralise your current accent in addition to learning the tools you need to deliver a polished presentation.

Perhaps you're not worried about your English?  We can use these sessions to boost your confidence in public speaking!

Group Workshop

Big conference soon? My Voice and Body workshop will give your employees the tools they need to center their bodies, find their voice and practice an "elevator pitch" in front of a group with feedback. I can also coach individual sessions in your workplace to cater to more specific needs.

A safe place to practice.

When I was starting my career as a director in London, one thing I learned, is how to talk to actors and the variety of people you come across when you produce a show.  


This was still the same several years later, when I moved to Amsterdam and I started a theatre company.  The actors came from all different backgrounds and English was not a native language for everyone.  I had some work to do to level people out and get them prepared for a production.

For me, it's always been important to put the actor or speaker at ease-- to create a safe and creative space for them to explore.   I like to do the same with my coaching.  I aim to make my sessions informative and fun so my clients will succeed and not be intimidated by getting up in front of an audience or preparing a self-tape.



I have been workig with Lora for several projects and really enjoy it!  She adjusts the focus of our sessions to personal needs and makes me feel comfortable to just go for it. She gets you into a flow where it becomes a lot easier to understand your own mistakes and correct them.

-Gijs Blom, actor

She sysematically advanced my English pronunciation and taught me how to emphasize the essentials of a speech

-Gábor Kiss, entreprenuer

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